Android Quick Start Modern Login App



What is in the Update?

  • Gradle Updated to Gradle 8 (Latest)
  • Gradle 7.4.2 => 8.1.2
  • All Dependencies Updated to AGS
  • R8 Accepted
  • Compile and Target API updated to 34 (Most up-to-date)
  • Updated all of its dependencies and Gradle files.
  • Browser dependency added for Recaptcha Phone Verification
  • Play Integrity dependency added as Android Device Verification is now deprecated
  • To increase speed, configuration caches are now ON.
  • HEAP SIZE increased to increase the speed of the build.

Product Overview

In this Android Complete Login App Product, you will get the source code which you can download once purchased! A downloaded link will be sent using Mail and you can download the code from there. This project contains almost everything any login app requires.

  • Consists of 27 Free Video Tutorials
  • Well Commented Code & Complete Resources
  • Complete UI/UX Design
  • Firebase is already Setup with complete tutorials
  • Sessions (Login, User & Remember Me)
  • Almost Everything Setup is part of tutorials as well!


Why This Product?

This app is for you if you are a Developer, Beginner, or student creating FYP!

  1. Let’s say you are a developer creating some app that requires some login signup functionality then you are at the right place. You can use this login app to boost earnings, save your days, and use it in many coming app projects by just starting from this point with small changes.
  2. If you are a beginner and trying to have hands-on Android then the best practice is to keep working and stay motivated. But motivation comes when there is less chance of errors in code, and you have the flow of tutorials to keep going then you can just use this code and watch tutorials simply! It will hardly take days to create your Android app!
  3. For a Student, it is just a gift with everything created and everything set up to get a go with FYP! Awesome design and professional coding with a professional app will lead to having the best project. You will learn a lot by going with this approach and creating something like this.


What Extras Did You Get?

  1. Splash Screen
  2. On-boarding Screen with Sessions
  3. User Dashboard with 3 Recycler Views
  4. Modern Navigation drawer with Slide Animation
  5. All Categories Page with Modern Card View Designs
  6. Check Internet Connection
  7. Form Validation
  8. Custom Progress Bar
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You will get the most up-to-date project with almost everything latest and tested with Love from Coding with T ❤️

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Android Quick Start Modern Login App

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